Pack of 10! AR15 Accu-Wedge Anti-Wobble Upper/Lower Receiver Tightener 5.56 .223

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The ACCU Wedg eliminates play between the upper and lower and prevents play from developing in those rifles that don't currently have any perceptible play. 

This is perhaps the least expensive of all the 223 rifle many potential accessories, yet it adds immeasurably to the security and surety of the most basic element of any weapon. Installation is a breeze.

 One needs only proceed through the first step of a normal field stripping in order to install the ACCU-Wedge. 

It fits easily into the slot just below the assembly pin.

The ACCU-Wedge fits between the receiver and the trigger assembly housing and completely eliminates any play and "rattle". you always can cut the bottom a little for make it fit batter for your rifle.

Pack of 10!