PICATINNY RAIL Mounting Plate for Glock 17 19 22 23 26 27 34,Taurus GX4,G3C,Canik TP9SA,with built-in screw hole for Shield RMS/Holosun 407k/507k Footprint - ALSO COMPATIBLE with Any PICATINNY RAIL EQUIPPED red dots such as Trijicon RMR,Vortex Venom

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This is a PICATINNY optic mounting plate for Glock that replaces the factory rear sight dovetail of all Non-MOS Glocks from Glock 17 to Glock 43 to glock “100”. Does NOT fit Glock with AFTERMARKET slide. Installing the aftermarket red dot plate is not simply “plug and play”. We recommend having a qualified gunsmith to install


This picatinny plate for Glock pistol fit some other Pistols such as Canik TP9SF(does not fit SFX, COMBAT, SA). This Glock plate also fits Taurus GX4, G3C & G3 with factory steel sights (does not fit any other Taurus models such as G2/G2C/G3 without factory steel sight/Tx22/PT111) because those pistols made the rear sight dovetail based on the Glock rear sight dovetail specifications.


This optic dovetail plate made by ADE only fits genuine/standard glock that has a standard factory rear sight. It does NOT for MOS(optics ready) glock. It does NOT fit glock with AFTERMARKET slide.


This picatinny mount provides 2 rail slots. Any red dot optic that equipped with a picatinny plate, is able to attach to this picatinny rail mount on a Glock pistol. Some red dots such as Vortex Venom, Burris Fastfire and ADE RD3 come with a picatinny mount with the red dot purchase, user can use the red dot provided picatinny mount to attach to this picatinny rail mount right away. Please NOTE: Some red dots such as holosun, Trijicon RMR do NOT come with the picatinny plate, user need to buy.


This picatinny rail plate also have two built-in screw hole for red dot with Shield RMS/RMSc footprint and holosun 407k/507k footprint to fit directly on the plate without needing a picatinny plate. Red dots sharing these footprint such as Shield RMSc, Trijicon RMR and Deltapoint Pro have the choices to mount directly on this picatinny rail, or using a picatinny plate(sold separately).


Matt Black aircraft lightweight alluminum, weight 1oz. 

Length 1.85in/46mm

Width  .79inch/20mm -perfectly fits and hide inside the grove of red dot provided picatinny mounting plate


  •  This mount fits all generation Glocks:
    Glock 17
    Glock 17L
    Glock 19
    Glock 19x
    Glock 20
    Glock 21
    Glock 22
    Glock 23
    Glock 24
    Glock 26
    Glock 27
    Glock 29
    Glock 30
    Glock 30 SF
    Glock 31
    Glock 32
    Glock 33
    Glock 34
    Glock 35
    Glock 36 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 37
    Glock 38
    Glock 39
    Glock 41
    Glock 42 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 43 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 43x (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Glock 44
    Glock 45
    Glock 46
    Glock 48 (Our mount is wider than the slide, but it will still work)
    Canik TP9SF
  • Canik TP9 SA
    Bersa BP9CC
    Tactical Solutions .22lr Conversion
    Advantage Arms .22lr Conversion

    Does not fit Glock MOS models.
    Glock 17 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 34 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 35 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 40 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 41 Gen 4 MOS
    Glock 22 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 23 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS
    Glock 45 MOS
    Glock 43x MOS
    Glock 48 MOS
  • Does not fit ANY/ALL Glock MOS models.
  • Does not fit ANY/ALL Glock Aftermarket slides that are already cut for optics.