ADE RD3-015 Zantitium 4MOA Red Dot Sight + Mounting Plate for Steyr A1 A2 Pistol Handgun + Picatinny Plate

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RD3-015+Steyr Plate
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  • Comes with a Picaitnny mounting plate. Also comes with ADE all new designed adapter plate is to REPLACE the rear sight for Steyr A1 A2 Handgun
  • This Optic Plate is Compatible with S-A1 C-A1 M-A1 L-A1 M9-A1, L9-A2, C9-A2, M9-A2. Does NOT fit any other models that is not listed here.
  • Manufacturer Part# rd3-015
  • The Zantitium Red dot sight is the biggest handgun sight on the market! Actual size is. 2.25" Length x 1.4" Width x 1.27" Height. It gives up to twice bigger window than other micro red dot.The red dot is compatible with Ade handgun mounts for Glock Beretta HK UPS SW MP SIG P226 Springfield Ruger LC9 LC9s LC380 SR9 SR22 SR40 SR45.

This ADE RD3-015 has top battery loading; therefore you do not need to remove the sight from the pistol tore-zero. It also has low battery consumption technology that the battery lasts up to 3000 hours on the brightest setting and 30000 hours on the lowest setting.  Two power switches with one Up and one Down. The size of the red dot is about 30% longer than other red dots, the window is also bigger. Therefore, it will NOT fit some Optics Ready handgun model that has an optic cut in front of the rear sight(will keep the rear sight to co-witness the red dot), such as Glock Mos, Springfield OSP. The longer length of this red dot does not sit in the pre-cut slides. It only fits the mounting plate that is made to REPLACE the rear sight and set on the top of the slide(not in the pre-cut). It fits the Doctor/Vortex Venom footprint/Doctor footprint/screw pattern.


  • Model:RD3-015-3. New advanced battery technology gives up to 3000 hours on bright setting and up to 40k hours on Low setting with a 2032 Battery(Included). Top load system, no need to remove the sight to change the battery.
  • Every time you turn on the dot it stays the same b rightness level last time it was turned off. The lowest setting is invisible by human eye that is for using with a Night Vision.
  • 4 MOA dot. Shock proof,Fog proof and Waterproof for 30 minutes under 4ft water. Feature 1 M.O.A wind age and elevation adjustments with audible click. This red dot can also be used with a long range rifle scope for that perfect Backup System.
  • The red dot is compatible with any optic plate that is compatible with footprint of Doctor/Burris Fastfire/Vortex Venom


Below are additional footprint about ADE footprints. 

ADE, RD3-006 Huracan,RD3-009 Crusader,RD3-012 Delta, RD3-013 Bertrillium fit optic cut/plate that is compatible with Vortex Venom/Burris Fastfire/Doctor footprint. RD3-015 Zantitium, RD3-028 Ares fit plate(does NOT fit slide due to larger size) that is compatible with Vortex Venom/Burris Fastfire/Doctor footprint. Please note: Some aftermarket slides have a precise optic cut based on the curved edge/corner of Vortex Venom, one of the common slide manufacturers is PSA Dagger(with Doctor cut). ADE and other brand red dots do NOT have the same curve as Vortex Venom, therefore ADE RD3-006, 009, 012, 013 do NOT fit the aftermarket slide with CURVED vortex venom optic cut. ADE red dots with Doctor footprints only fit squared optic cuts that accept standard Doctor Footprints.


ADE RD3-018 Spike, RD3-021 Nuwa and RD3-030 Apollo fit optic cut/optic plate that is compatible with shield RMS/RMSC/Deltapoint Pro footprint


ADE RD3-021c NUWAcc fits optic cut/optic plate/ that is compatible with Trijicon RMRcc footprint


ADE RD3-019 Stingray RD3-020 Raptor, RD3-023 Valkyrie and RD3-029 Trumpet fit optic cut/optic plate/ that is compatible with Trijicon RMR/SRO/Holosun 407C/507C footprint