Ade Advanced Optics Optics Delrin Shims 1.0 Degree for Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 407C/507C/508T/ADE RD3-019 STINGRAY/SWAMPFOX Liberty/Justice/Kingslayer Red dot Sight

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  • Optic Shim is made to fit between the red dot and the mounting plate.
  • Fits: Trijicon RMR. Trijicon trademark mentioned belong to their respective owner, this optic shim is made by ADE as a mounting accessory for the mentioned optics
  • Also Fits: Ade Advanced Optics RD3-011, RD3-019 STINGRAY, Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 407C/507C/508T/SWAMPFOX Liberty/Justice/Kingslayer
  • Scope base shims Tolerance +/-.005 Taper 1.0 degree
  • Depending on the handgun,  some handguns need THIS 1degree shim to give extra range of elevation across a wide range of firearms (such as the 1911). Should you feel any resistance from the mechanism whilst zeroing the elevation please fit the shim between the sight and the mount with the thickest part at the rear.
  • What it does? While zeroing the red dot sight, some users turned the elevation screw all the way to the end that can no longer turn, the location of the illuminated dot is still too low. Instead of returning the "defective" red dot, this shim will rise the optic to help user to move the illuminated dot higher to the location to zero. 
  • Do not return your "defective" red dot that can't adjust the illuminated dot high enough to zero. This optic shim solves the problem by raising the red dot higher to zero.
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